We Are EōS.

Our purpose is to accelerate the sustainable action of corporations and governments at scale by providing access to capital, knowledge, and services.

Our Core Values

We must be the change we seek in the world.

We are consistently redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Through our products, practices, and profits, we will aim to do no harm and benefit all.

Act with the understanding that we are dependent upon each other and thus responsible for one another and future generations.

Who We Are

EōS is a multinational integrated renewables company. An IRC incorporates the entire renewables value chain distribution, project development, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) work, financing, consulting, and O&M for energy efficiency and energy generation under one organizational umbrella.

Sustainable energy is about more than lessening your monthly utility bill. Our services provide you with the financial support to make the switch, the guidance to develop a plan that fits your needs, the expertise to execute it, and the ability to provide maintenance.

What We Do

EōS services include Energy Efficiency solutions (Lighting, Building Control/Portfolio Management, etc.), Energy Generation and Storage (solar + battery), and Finance Solutions. EōS works best with Commercial and Industrial Portfolio owners like REITs to implement or enhance a green portfolio, Fortune 1000 corporations looking to become a more sustainable organization, Utilities to generate utility-scale renewable power, and Municipalities to utilize a select finance vehicle to achieve sustainable community goals otherwise impossible to reach within conventional methods.