About Us

EōS organization was founded in 2016 in Newport Beach, CA by Aaron Green and has become one of the fastest growing sustainability energy service companies on the planet. We specialize in ground up, large scale sustainability projects and have a track record of completing some of the industries toughest projects. At EōS, we have a company wide passion for creating a clean future. We truly believe there is something special about the work we are doing.


The world’s needs for energy solutions become more and more apparent with each passing year. This is why we believe in what we are doing, the demand is there and as the world tries to decarbonize we must look at what’s behind the electrification. The need for sustainable energy generation worldwide is massive. We were founded in Newport Beach, CA and are currently headquartered in Miami, FL. We have completed millions of dollars in led & solar efficiency projects and are currently contracted to complete billions of dollars in large-scale sustainable developments in the next five years.

With humble beginnings in the led lighting space we quickly began securing contracts at the Port of LA, and Long Beach to bring high efficiency lighting to their systems.

During the onset of the covid lockdowns we saw an opportunity while we were domestically locked down. We decided to broaden our territory of work to the Latin American and Caribbean markets where we have been highly successful in contracting massive undertakings.


As we noticed the global need for sustainable energy generation we also noticed governments, cities, and private entities can not afford to renovate their current system. This is a massive problem we have observed and one we are solving. Due to our special relationships we are able to finance any large-scale undertaking. The debt used to build out the solution is then serviced through the energy savings.

This is a win win, the developer is able to operate globally regardless of financial constraints of the client. Zero out of pocket cost to the customer. The client with see zero additional cost from their current energy bills. The savings in dollars from our measures is what services the “loan”; once the debt is fully serviced the client will realize all savings and see drastic reduction in energy costs. Zero out of pocket, zero additional bill payments, fully sustainable for life.


With billions (usd) under contract we are on course to become one of the fastest growing sustainable energy companies in the world. A special feat we are very proud of but not satisfied with. Our mission is to allow the world and our society to continue to flourish expand and grow for generations without the worry about what will power us and what the affect that power generation will have.

We have the technology, we have the resources, and most importantly we have the right team to make this all possible.