Message from the founder

“Changes in the world we live in have dramatic effects globally. For this reason, I decided to create something that could truly impact humanity. I wanted to challenge myself to think of how I could help our shared planet. I am confident that the most effective way EōS can drive the largest change would be by providing business leaders with the tools needed to implement impactful change in comprehensive and meaningful ways. We are proud to be our customers’ sustainability partner, as we share in the pursuit of our common ideal of being the change we seek.” – Aaron Green, CEO

Our Core Values

We must be the change we seek in the world.

We are consistently redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Through our products, practices, and profits, we will aim to do no harm and benefit all.

Act with the understanding that we are dependent upon each other and thus responsible for one another and future generations.


We have seen rapid growth since the inception of EōS with no sign of slowing. The need for the world’s energy solutions becomes increasingly apparent with each passing year. This is why we believe in what we do; the demand and the need are there. We were founded in Newport Beach, CA, and are currently headquartered in Miami, FL. We have completed millions of dollars in LED & Solar efficiency projects. We are contracted to achieve billions of dollars worth of large-scale sustainable developments in the next five years. With humble beginnings in the LED lighting space, we quickly began securing contracts at the Port of LA and Long Beach to bring high-efficiency lighting to their systems. During the onset of the COVID lockdowns, we saw an opportunity while we were domestically locked down. We decided to broaden our scope to the Latin American and Caribbean markets, where we have successfully contracted massive undertakings.


With a unique financing structure, we can construct & develop massive projects off-balance sheets. This is zero cost for the client. With capabilities never seen before. As we noticed the global need for sustainability, governments, cities, etc., clearly can’t renovate their current system. This was a massive problem we saw and one we solved. With our unique relations, we can finance the measures of a minimum project size but with no size ($) cap. The debt used to build the solution is then serviced through energy savings. This is a win-win. The developer can operate globally regardless of the financial constraints of the client. Zero out-of-pocket cost to the customer. No additional payment from current energy bills. The savings in dollars from our measures is what services the loan.